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Adventures of Bad Hamster

30 May
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80s music, accents, air supply, alaskan malamute, american eskimo dog, anthony bourdain, aquariums, astrology, baking, ballgames, billy joel, body piercing, books, caffeine, candles, catering, chanel, charlie trotter, chocolate, classical music, coffee, comparative religion, cookbooks, cooking, cosmetics, country music, crafts, crustaceans, csi, democrats, diana gabaldon, disabilities, disney, disney world, dogs, dragonrealms, e-tailers, ebay, editing, eskies, fanfiction, feminism, fiction, final fantasy, freecycle, friendship, garlic, gay marriage, gay rights, gemini, gemstones, george r.r. martin, gilbert lake, glbt, gourmet, gourmet food, guilty pleasures, hamsters, hand-sewing, harry potter, history, hot showers, humor, hypoglycemia, iron chef, jewelry, king's quest, langostas, latin, laurell k. hamilton, law & order:svu, lesbianism, liberalism, liberals, lobstering, lobsters, long hair, long island, mac cosmetics, magazines, magick, makeup, makeup alley, meditation, mickey mouse, mythology, nail polish, netflix, nintendo, paganism, people-watching, perfume, philosophy, piercings, pin-up girls, pina coladas, pooh bear, pro-choice, psychology, punctuation, reading, recipes, redheads, religion, rheumatoid arthritis, road trips, role-playing, rpgs, saltwater fish, science fiction, secret life of lobsters, sewing, sex and the city, shoes, shopping, short stories, siberian husky, slash, small animals, soft rock, squirrels, star trek, stilettos, summer, superlobsters, tarot, tattoos, terry brooks, the lobster chronicles, tng, travel, tropical fish, urban decay, vampires, web design, wicca, wine, women, writing, yorkies, yorkshire terriers, zelda